Length : 2-3 mm

Color : Black or dull brown


Length : 2 mm

Color : Grey


Length : 3-6 mm

Color : Grey with yellowish abdomen


Length : 3 mm

Color : Brown with black stripes

Where do flies live?

Flies are nuisance and also identified with the mechanical transfer of diseas organism. Pathogenic organism can be transferred by domestic flies. There have been over 8000 species of fly discovered in Canada. The most common types of flies that are seen in homes and businesses are house flies, fruit flies, drain flies and phorid flies.

All flies live around a suitable source of food and moisture. They also prefer moist and warm environments, and tend to stay close to kitchens, bathrooms and drains.

What attracts Flies?

Flies are always looking for a moist, warm space to invade. Many flies settle around drains, sinks, potted plants and areas with plumbing leaks.

Fruit flies breed on decaying fruits and vegetables (note that they don’t actually have to be rotten).

House flies tend to seek out decaying animal flesh or dung in order to breed. They often invade garbage bins, compost, and animal carcasses.

All flies are attracted to light, so they will also be found around windows if they have made their way inside your home.

What to do if you have flies?

House fly tightly seal garbage containers. Screen windows in summer. Use fly paper or traps to attract and capture flies. Spot treatment of room corners with insecticides to kill resting flies.

Fruit Fly remove sources of breeding which include overripe fruit and fermenting materials like stale beer or soft drinks. Some of these flies may emerge from open sewer drains or standing water that has organic debris in it like a mop pail. Eliminate standing water, if possible. If not possible, pour a small amount (i.e., 1 tablespoon) of vegetable oil down the open drain to create a thin film of oil on the top of the water. Never pour insecticides down the drain! We also recommend using the fruit fly trap The presence of silverfish is hard to determine because they prefer to move around at night. If you do see silverfish in your home, take steps to secure any loose materials that they might feast on, such as grains, starches and papers.

Drain Flies If wet conditions from plumbing leaks are permitting fly breeding, correct plumbing problems. To control flies coming out of rains, thoroughly clean pipes out, removing the gelatinous crud that builds up on the inside of pipes. (Do not forget to clean out the garbage disposal.) To help loosen the gelatinous crud, pouring boiling water down the drain may also be helpful. Never pour insecticides down the drain!

At the end of the day, the only way to ensure a fly infestation is properly removed is to call Pestisect to provide Flies control services in Toronto and Flies exterminator Brampton, a flies control expert in etobicoke. Pestisect accurately identify the species and take the right steps to eliminate them.

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