Cockroaches are nocturnal creatures. It is nearly impossible to find their habitat during the day time. Only when you turn off the lights, they come out of their hiding places. Cockroaches generally invade homes in search of food, shelter, water and mating partners. They prefer warm and moist places, which makes the kitchen their favourite hiding place. Cockroaches while roaming around the kitchen surface spread bacteria that can cause allergies, food poisoning and skin rashes. They reproduce rapidly. It clearly means that it won’t take long for the cockroaches to infest your home. They are a great threat to health and hygiene. Therefore, you should immediately contact cockroach control Toronto if you spot cockroaches in your home.   

Cockroaches can hide in small holes and even cracks in the walls. Therefore, it becomes very difficult to eliminate them. Experienced cockroach exterminator Toronto can help you find their hiding places in the kitchen and eradicate them completely from your home. There are some common places where cockroaches like to hide in the kitchen. This will help you eradicate them.

Kitchen Cabinets:

Cockroaches like cool and dark places. As we said earlier, you will not find them during the day time. They will find dark areas in cupboards, closets and cabinets to hide during the day time. They need water to survive. So, you might find them underneath the sink area or a leaking pipe. Without water, cockroaches cannot survive for over seven days. If there is a pipeline in or near your kitchen area, check it frequently. You might find roaches hiding there. Remember, cockroaches are always looking for dampness and warmth to thrive. Dryers and washers are roaches’ favourite hiding places, too.


Just like cabinets, kitchen furniture is equally an attractive hiding place for cockroaches. These dark places provide them with warmth. If you have a habit of storing boxes, paper bags in the kitchen, be careful, you may find cockroaches hiding there as well. These are the most comfortable places for them to breed. Researches suggest that some species of cockroaches are lured towards the texture and smell of paper. This makes beverage boxes and cardboard boxes their preferred place to hide, eat, and mate. You may also find eggs of the cockroaches in these places. Pest control service experts have a sharp eye for spotting cockroaches’ habitat in such unlikely places.


Cockroaches in the kitchen appliances? Yes, it might sound strange but it is true. Refrigerators, microwave ovens, mixtures and blenders, coffee makers are the places cockroaches look forward to. They provide them with warmth and keep them away from the sunlight. Running motors are generally warm which provides them with much-needed comfort. Now, if you wonder even after keeping your kitchen countertop clean, from where do cockroaches emerge during the night? You have your answer. Appliances that offer them both moisture and warmth become roaches’ heaven.


Kitchens provide roaches dampness and warmth. Bathrooms have abundant water. There are residues of soaps, skin, hairs and discarded tissue paper, what more do the cockroaches want? Don’t be surprised if your bathroom becomes the epicentre of cockroach infestation in your home.

Most people try to control the cockroach infestation on their own during the initial phase. But they forget that cockroaches very well know how to play hide and seek. Professional exterminators have good knowledge of roaches’ behavioural patterns and hiding places. They can help you eradicate them completely from home and also prevent their future infestations by blocking their entry points.