How often do we take the presence of mice seriously when we see them running around in our home? They have been co-existing with humans for thousands of years. Our homes provide them with food and shelter. Some people might find them cute and like to have them as pets as well. All is nice and fine until you come to know about the damage they can cause to your home and the health of your family. These tiny invaders are so flexible that they can squeeze through a hole as small as the width of an ordinary pencil. Just imagine, how huge their invasion can be if they find your home comfortable and they have access to entry points. If you spot just one mouse, you can assume there are many more hidden in the dark places of your house, walls and behind appliances. You should call mice exterminator Toronto if you find that the mouse population is increasing in your home.

If there is a mouse infestation in your house, there are three things you should expect: Disease, destruction and contamination. These are good enough reasons why you should not tolerate their presence in your house and immediately ask for the professional help from mice exterminator Toronto.

They spread deadly diseases:

Mice are carriers of parasites which spread dangerous diseases like Hantavirus, Plague, Rabies and Rotavirus. Out of these, some viruses and bacteria are airborne so you can catch an infection even if you have not touched the mouse. They can invade into your air conditioning unit which can then be a source of a variety of diseases. If you have children in your house, there is no reason why you should allow these unwanted guests to stay and party at your house.

 They Cause Structural Damage:

Rodents have sharp incisors which can grow too long. In order to ‘trim’ them, mice sink their teeth into anything they can find. They can chew even wooden pillars, plastic containers, rubber, cardboard boxes, insulation and everything. If they chew through electrical wires located in your walls or attic, bare wires can become a cause of house fire. That is why it is dangerous to have mice in the house and you should not delay in calling pestisect pest control brampton to control mouse infestation.

 They Contaminate Food:

Mice eat in small quantities. This is the reason why they need frequent access to food. They contaminate up to 10 times the amount of food they eat. They are omnivorous and can eat anything that humans eat. If you consume food contaminated by rodents, you can severely fall sick.


In addition to this, they leave sticky trails wherever they move. Their urine and faeces have a distinct odour which is difficult to bear. That is why it is better to get rid of them as soon as possible. When people spot a mouse, they generally try snap traps and poisons to control their infestation. However, DIY tricks have a high rate of failure. Therefore, you should call professionals to control mouse infestation. They not only completely eliminate them but also block possibilities of their future infestation.