Has it happened to you that even after spending a huge amount for wasp control treatment, the insects have shown up again? Don’t worry, you are not alone. Wasps are stubborn creatures and it is not easy to get rid of them. It is likely that some members of the nest were away when you sprayed the insecticide. They will definitely revisit their home. So, after some time, the remaining members start building up their new colony. It is best to seek help from a wasp exterminator if you observe wasp infestation in your home again. Whether it is a hornet or yellow jacket, paper wasp or mud daubers, exterminators know how to deal with them. However, you can also try some effective DIY tips for wasp nest removal.

 In order to get rid of wasps, it is important to understand what really attracts them to your home. If you can block those entry points, there is no chance they can reappear.

 Sources of Water:

 If you leave a puddle of water on the floor, if your sink is leaking, there is an open vessel full of water in your house, there are higher chances that wasps will get attracted to your home. Wasps thrive on these sources of water. They get to know about water when it vaporizes. Especially during the hot weather, do not let water accumulate in any corner of your house. Also, wasps love protein-rich foods and fallen fruits from trees. If you have fruit trees near your house, be very careful.

Do not Provide them Food:

Who would like to live in a place without food? Not even wasps. If wasps keep resurfacing in your house, you must stop their access to food. They will automatically leave the home which is hostile to them. Wasps need a great amount of energy to fly. They get this energy from the sources of food you leave open. Leaving leftovers and open cans in your garbage bin are like extending an open invitation to wasps. If you ever had a wasp infestation in your house, it is better to store food products properly rather than leaving them open. Keep food items only in containers or tightly sealed bags. If you bring fruits, store them in the refrigerator. If you leave them open, wasps will get attracted to their aroma. Pet food, open garbage, soda cans, sugary food, everything is a treat for wasps. Do not lay them open in your home or yard.

Find and Fix the Hotspots:

Wasps hate winter. It is difficult for them to survive in the cold chilly winter. So, they hibernate during winter and thrive during spring and summer. It is likely that they find shelter in your house in wall cavities, voids, hollow space in the roof. If the house is old, there might be small gaps, and areas around windows and doors or your basement might require some fixing. These are the places where the wasps can grow. If your house has potential hotspots for wasps to hibernate, it is wise to block them. Fix the roof, attic, wall, and other points where the wasps can take shelter.

Regularly Spray Insecticides:

If you have ever witnessed wasp infestation in your home, it is better to keep spraying insecticides in your home at potential hotspots. This will ensure that wasps never come back to your house or go back as soon as they visit it. Insecticides containing Methylethoxy or Tetramethin have proven to be very effective in wasp treatment. If you are undertaking the process yourself, do go through the manual before starting. Spray it around potential hotspots where wasps can reside.  

Decontaminate the Surroundings:

If you have wet places in your house like a pool, birdbath, mulch, plants, and shrubs, it is advisable to spray aerosol pyrethrum once a day around them. The plus point of this chemical is that it is harmless for humans and pets but effective at eradicating wasps.

Keep Your Furniture Safe:

If you observe that some furniture in your house also comes in contact with water, you should spray cypermethrin chemicals on the surface. Wasps are enticed by the smell of wood. If they find moisture on the wooden surface, it becomes a safe-haven for them. All you have to do is to spray Cypermethrin every fifteen day around the furniture. This will help you get rid of wasps permanently.

This Home Remedy Works, Try It:

There are several DIY remedies to prevent wasp infestation. One good remedy is to build a wasp trap out of a coffee can. Prepare a mixture of beer, sweet fruit jam, orange juice, and water to attract wasps. Carve a small hole in the lid of the coffee can from where wasps can enter. Now pour the mixture into the can and close it. The wasps will enter the can but will not be able to come out. The trapped wasps will die inside. Wasps run away from the scent of the bar soap. You can apply it underneath the roof of the birdhouse. This simple trick will help you repel wasps for the entire summer.

It is observed that these DIY methods are temporary solutions to prevent wasps. For a long-lasting solution, you need help from a wasp exterminator.

The Fake Nest Trick:

Wasps generally prefer to stay in their territory. You can install a fake wasp nest in your home. After some time, if you remove that nest, wasps feel that another group has displaced them. This simple trick may work and wasps may leave your home forever.

Prevention is better than a cure. This applies to wasp control as well. You should take measures to prevent wasps from entering and thriving in your home rather than getting rid of them every now and then. If the wasp nests keep resurfacing in your home and all your DIY tricks have failed, it is time to call a wasp expert to seek a permanent solution to the problem.