Have you spotted a mouse in your house? Mice are good runners. They can vanish in a split of a second. That is why, chasing them and catching them is nearly an impossible task. If you want them out an easy way, you should instantly call mice exterminator Toronto. If you avoid their presence in your house, it can lead to an infestation within no time. So, it is best to ask for professional pestisect pest control brampton to get rid of mice. There are some tips that can help you get rid of mice; in case you want to try removing them on your own.

It is important to know that these unwanted guests are mostly spotted in houses during winters since they are searching for food and shelter in the cold season. They search for a warm place during winter which can provide them food and be a safe breeding ground. Mice tend to urinate and defecate a lot, that is why if you spot droppings in your house, it is a sign that rodents have invaded your home. Finding damaged food packets or holes in boxes and storage bags are another prominent sign of their presence. While being in home, these annoying invaders contaminate food, damage things and pose health risks to the residents of that house.

 1. Block their entry points:

In order to get rid of mice, it is important to know from where they enter your house. Check if you have small gaps in sliding, around vents, exterior doors or windows. Mice tend to make small gaps bigger to enter in house. Strange but true, if you can fit a pencil into a crack, hole or opening, it is enough space for a mouse to squeeze in.

They are also likely to enter through an air conditioning coolant or power line that is not sealed. Mice can chew anything and everything with their sharp incisors. If you have weather stripping around the bottom of your door or garage door, mice can chew them up too.

Mice are also observed to enter home through attic space. If you find a screen of exhaust vent damaged or missing, there are higher chances of having a mouse in your house. If you have cracks or openings in the foundation or wall, seal them. Do not let utility pipes and vents be exposed. Mice can eat plastic, rubber and wood. That is why it is wise to use steel wool and caulking. In order to get rid of mice, you first have to block their entry points to ensure they do not re-enter your house.

  2. Prevent their infestation:

It is not that mice do not enter clean homes. Boxes and bags, piles of wood, books everything attracts mice. Even a puddle of water in the sink or food in pet bowls are huge attractions for mice. It is important to clean them, wipe sinks and bathtubs everyday to turn them away from your house. If there is a small infestation, you can try to control it with mouse traps and repellents. If you have a moderate mouse population in your house, you can control it with traditional wooden snap traps.

People generally lay one or two traps. In some cases, you might need over a dozen traps to make sure all mice are caught up. Sometimes you think you only have one mouse in your house but there can be plenty. For large infestation, you need to call mice exterminator Toronto services. These professionals not only help you get rid of mice once, but also assist you in preventing future re-infestation.

  3.  Ideal methods of prevention:

          If you spot a mouse in your house, throw away cardboard boxes and plastic bags that you use for food storage at the earliest. If possible, keep the food in stainless steel or ceramic containers. Plastic containers are not safe since mice can chew them.

          Never let food containers open on the counter or cabinet.

          Throw food in the garbage bins with lids. You can get a sealed and chew-proof bin from the market.

          Maintaining a clean house is a great way of turning away mice. Ensure no crumbs are lying on your kitchen floor. Give hygiene an utmost importance and spend more time in tidying it up.

          If possible, sweep the kitchen floor and eating area at the end of the day.

          Cluttered places in a house make a good hiding place for mice. So, clean your house, throw away things that are not useful.

          Never let your garbage bin lay open. Even if you throw leftover food in a sealed bag, mice with their strong sense of smell can get attracted to them and make a hole in the sealed bag. It is important to have garbage bins with lids to prevent mouse infestation.

          Even after taking these measures, if you fail to prevent their infestation, you should ask for professional help. Mice are carriers of a lot of diseases and they can cause damage to your house to a great extent. It is always better to get them out of your house as soon as possible.