There are cockroaches and then there are small cockroaches which are more irritating and difficult to get rid of. It is easier to spot big roaches in the house and destroy them but small cockroaches are generally huge in numbers and after a point, it becomes impossible to control their infestation through DIY methods. In such a situation, you need to ask for help from a professional cockroach control Toronto.

Young cockroaches are small in size. If you spot them in your home, unfortunately, it means that your house is infested with a large number of cockroaches and you need to take urgent action to stop them. They reproduce quickly so their number would double before you can think of a strategy to get rid of them. Besides this, they are so flexible that they can squeeze into a small crack easily. Finding them during the daytime is a near to impossible task. That is why to control a cockroach infestation, you need to call a pest control service.

Everything You Need to Know About Small Cockroaches: 

Small cockroaches found in homes are generally German cockroaches, one of the most common species of cockroaches. They look for warmth and humidity. That is why it is easier to spot them in the kitchen or bathroom. Tiny cockroaches are much darker in colour than their adults. Adult cockroaches are brown or tan in colour. They have two black stripes that run parallel down its back. It hardly takes three and a half months for a tiny cockroach to grow into adulthood.  

Reproduction Cycle of Cockroaches:

As soon as they grow adult, they start reproducing. The German cockroach can moult up to 6 or 7 times. A female cockroach is capable of producing 300 offspring during her entire lifetime. Considering this, just within a year, your home will be infested with over 30,000 cockroaches. This is a strong reason why you should never take the presence of a cockroach granted. The moment you spot a cockroach in home, it is time you call cockroach control Toronto.

How to get rid of them?

A few preventive measures can create a hostile atmosphere for these pesky nocturnal creatures and they will leave your home to find a better place to thrive.

  • Keep your home tidy and make it clutter-free as much as possible.
  •  Do not leave food open on the counter. Wash your dishes every day.
  • Store food only in sealable containers. This will block cockroaches’ access to food in your home.
  • Do not forget to take the garbage out regularly.
  • Make home cleaning a part of your routine. Regularly vacuum your living space and wipe down surfaces to ensure that no food crumbs are lying on the counter or floor.
  • Make it a habit to eat in the same part of the house every day.
  • If there is any leakage in the faucet, fix it immediately. Just like every living being, cockroaches also look for food and water. Ensure there is no source of standing water in your home.
  • Seal up cracks in your kitchen and bathroom. Also, fill gaps between the cabinets and the wall.

As mentioned, during the initial phase of infestation, these habits can turn the roaches away. However, if they have already settled in your house, then you will need professional help to eliminate them completely from your home.

How effective the insecticides available in the market are?

Insecticides are easily available in the market and most people try using them to get rid of the cockroaches on their own. These over-the-counter sprays are capable of eliminating one cockroach at a time. If they have already infested your house, insecticides available in the market can be of no help.

Similarly, sticky traps are also available in the market. Some people also try natural remedies like using essential oils and spices. These remedies help in turning away the cockroaches to some extent but if the infestation is large, they will not work. Small cockroaches are difficult to spot during the day time and it is even more difficult to find their hiding place. That is why it is a wise idea to call a pestisect pest control brampton services.

The professionals are equipped with tools and sprays that effectively kill cockroaches. They have special ultra-light volume mist that can reach deep into cockroaches’ hiding spot. This will provoke cockroaches to leave their hiding place at once and kill them when they are spotted. This is almost impossible with the sprays available in the market. Pest control services use special techniques to remove the eggs that are left behind and stop the hatchlings from growing up, blocking possibilities of future infestation.