Pest control is one of the many things that have always haunted the households. This is because the damage done to the wooden products by the insects are intolerable but it is not always possible for layman to understand whether it is by the carpenter ants or termites. So, if you are looking for carpenter ant control toronto, you need to be sure what kind of insects you are dealing with. It is wrong to keep the infestation because chances are, once a colony is formed there will be recurrence unless you are getting Pest control Brampton.

How do you know the type of infestation?

Carpenter Ants INFESTATION

The most obvious sign to differentiate between carpenter ants and termites is to carefully see the type of infestation. For carpenter ants, there will be a presence of workers inside a building and you can find piles of wood shavings under the wooden structure presumed to be infested. They burrow through the wooden structure to create their nest and will make constant faint rustling noises. A point to note here is that these ants do not eat the wood for nutritional value but to build their nests.

That said, the perfect way to understand the cause of the infestation is to get the wood examined.

subterranean and drywood are the two types of structure-infesting termites and to find out whether the infestation is by carpenter ant of termites, you need to get an evaluation done of the hollowed-out wood. One can find mud and soil in the galleries of subterranean termites while that of the carpenter ants will appear smooth and polished. Although the upper surface seems sooth with carpenter ant infestation, the window holes are the telltale signs. wood shavings, debris, dead insects are the common things you will find in the outer side of the nest openings of the carpenter ants while for Drywood termites, the debris of their infestation will mostly include fecal pellets.

How they behave

Once of the perfect ways to understand the difference between carpenter ants and termites is to understand how these two insects interact with wood. Carpenter ants mostly dig through the wood to create the nest while the termites eat them. This is why moist and damaged wood would mostly see the infestation of carpenter ants because they need to weave their homes while the termites can chew through healthy woods.

Looking at the nests

The wood tunnels are the other way to understand the difference between the two. smooth and finished tunnels depict carpenter ants while rugged ones are of the termites. Also, if you see any mud tube, it will be of termites presence of evidence of older termite infestation. This is why carpenter ants more commonly attack spaces under roofs, sinks, chimneys, and bathtubs while the Subterranean termites, which can grow up to two million members in a colony are mostly found in underground colonies. Drywood termites can even be seen to attack dry wood such as the ones in attic framings.

Controlling the insects

Given these differences in these two, the control measures are also different for them. Carpenter ants can often be eliminated by removing and clearing the spaces which attract them in the first place but for termite infestation removal, you will need professional pest control help. Getting rid of the entire colony of both these infestations is challenging and is always a better idea to get the help of the experts and prevent further damages.