The rodents are pesky creatures which often invade your home in search of food and water. Rats and mice are the most common prevalent which can easily adapt human behaviour. Though both rats and mice have many resemblances, still, there are some differences which you should know. If you can’t identify which rodent is occupying your home, you may not be able to take the proper strategy for pest control brampton services.

Here, we are going to tell what kind of long-tailed pest is creating a commotion in your home or office and how can you identify them.


The size is a deciding factor which helps you to identify the difference between the rats and mice. The house mouse which is commonly found in North America is usually between 10 to 20 centimetres in length (from nose to tail). These mice are small and light in size.

On the other hands, rats are larger (from 20 centimetres to 40 centimetres for some breeds). They are bulky and possess more weight. Roof rats are found in North America in struts, trees or eaves. They are smaller than most rats and that’s why often consider as mouse mistakenly.


This is another key factor which decides whether you have rats or mice in your home. But these rodents are so sly and quick that you may only take a glimpse of their appearance.

You should keep in mind that mice have long, skinny tails which are usually covered in hair. Though rats are also large in size, their tails are commonly hairless and possess a scaly texture to them.

Mice are light brown coloured with grey undertones. On the other hands, rats are either grey or black in colour. Their tails often have dark coloured on the top and light on the underside.

Ears and face

You won’t be in a pleasant and contented mood if you have found a mouse infestation in your home. But mice indeed have somewhat subtle and delicate features. They commonly possess a small, but pointed muzzle and large round ears.

On the other side, most of the rats have a duller snout and smaller ears. But roof rat in contradiction has larger ears. Though you may not get a chance to closely view all these features of a rodent, still, if you can observe this, mention this to your mice exterminator toronto so that they can take the right extraction methods.


You need to employ different control strategies because there is a chunk of differences between mice and rats.

Mice are more curious in nature and they used to do different things like jumping, swimming, climbing, and most importantly, they love to explore. Though they are nocturnal (usually stay active from sundown to sunup), still, you can observe them during the day in search of food and water.

On the other hand, you might be astonished to know that rats are more vigilant and reserved. They prefer to stay close to their nest or burrow. That’s why it is very difficult to identify and treat them. So, you need a professional mice exterminator toronto who will help you in eradicating them utterly from your home or office.

Once infested it is very difficult to get rid of rodents. They are devious to find and can breed quickly. Thus, within a small interval, you can find a ton of rodents in your rafters or basement.

There are many effective strategies which will help you in controlling an infestation, but for this, you need to identify the rodents. Once you have identified them, then with the help of a professional pest control service you can combat them.

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