Cockroaches are those scary and disgusting nocturnal creatures that can put you in an embarrassing situation when the guests come. Imagine, roaches running on your kitchen top. It will immediately raise questions on your housekeeping. Unlike other pests, cockroaches do not display aggressive behaviour. But they can spread diseases by contaminating food and surfaces. They search for warm, moist places in the home. No wonder they are quite often spotted in the bathrooms and kitchen. Therefore, it is better to get rid of them. If you want them to leave your house, you have to create a hostile atmosphere for them. Here we are sharing some tips that will force cockroaches to leave your house. Even after trying these, you are unable to control their infestation, you can always call cockroach control Toronto.

It is important to understand the ‘enemy’ before preparing a strategy to defeat it. Cockroaches are tough to defeat since their survival instinct is so strong and they can adapt to changing environments quickly. They are believed to exist since the era of dinosaurs, making them one of the oldest surviving species. Have a look at some interesting facts about cockroaches.

What is a convenient temperature for cockroaches?  

Cockroaches like warm and moist places. Just like us, the temperature ranging from 25 to 30 degrees is the most suitable for them to thrive. Therefore, the trick is to create a hostile atmosphere for them so that they leave your house. Cockroaches do not prefer to live in the temperature colder than 25 degrees. So, if your house is cooler than 25 degrees and hotter than 30 degrees, there are chances that the cockroaches might leave your home.

As per a research conducted, German cockroaches can withstand more heat. They die within 10 hours when exposed to temperature below 45 degrees. If the temperature goes down below 14 degrees, they will not be able to survive for more than an hour. They can withstand more heat as well. Only half of the cockroaches can survive in temperature above 50 degrees, and the rest would not survive beyond four days.

This gives us an idea that simply by creating an unfriendly atmosphere, we can get rid of cockroaches easily.

Block their access to heat:

You will spot cockroaches more often in the kitchen than the garden. The reason is, they like warm places. They breed better in a warmer atmosphere. Your home is more likely to be infested by the cockroaches if it is warmer for the most part of the day. Humidity and heat are their prime attractions. Easy availability of food sources will make your home the best place for them to thrive. So, blocking their access to warmer places and food is the key to getting rid of them.

Can cockroaches survive in cold weather?

Cockroaches adapt to new environments quite well. So, if there is a gradual decline in the temperature, there are chances that the cockroaches will learn to live with it. But if you expose them suddenly to a cold environment, their minds and bodies will not be able to respond to it and they will die, significantly reducing their chances of survival. Cockroaches are basically cold-blooded. Their body has not developed advanced enough to regulate internal temperature. Therefore, sudden changes in the temperature can result in a quick death.  

Research suggests that most species of cockroaches cannot withstand a temperature below 0 degrees. During the winter, they will hardly be able to survive in your garden. However, this makes them more prone to invade homes in search of warmth and food during the winter. Cockroach infestation is, therefore, rampant during the winter. Most cockroaches hibernate during the cold and stop activities like breeding and growing. If you want to control a cockroach infestation, the winter is the best time to call cockroach control Toronto.

Cockroaches’ Peak Season:

As the summer approaches, cockroaches increase their activities. They are looking forward to the steamy season. Entomologists and pest control experts suggest that warm temperatures allow cockroaches to explore their full strength so much that they even perform activities like flying, which is rare. When the temperature goes extremely high, cockroaches might search for cooler places in your home like beneath the sink or in the bathroom.

Love for humidity:

Cockroaches are known for their love for humidity. This is the chief reason why they love the rainy season. Pipeline or air conditioner leakage attracts them as much as rain. Cockroaches, being tropical creatures, need humidity to survive. So, if you want them to leave your house, ensure that there is no humid place in your home. Fix the leakages, clean the area around the sink and bathroom often. Apply insecticides in the areas that might attract them.

If you do not take precautionary measures on time, the population of cockroaches will increase in your home beyond your imagination. You should call pestisect pest control brampton services as soon as you spot early signs of the cockroach infestation.