Fires play an imperative role in the colder months of the year. They can significantly warm up your house without affecting your electricity bill. But very often some pests like carpenter ants love to hang out in these woodpiles and enjoy the party. Carpenter ants can cause a problem if you burn firewood inside or closer to your house. Here, we are mentioning some tips which will help you to keep carpenter ants away from your firewood. If you still can’t control carpenter ant infestation, you should get in touch with a professional pest control Brampton.

Why carpenter ants like firewood?

Carpenter ants are in love with wood. They used to prefer natural and soggy wood that will help them to make their home. Many scientific studies have proved this. These pesky ants follow the grain of the wood and create small paths where they can make their colonies and build several nests. These carpenter ants generally hibernate in the winter. But during the warmer seasons or of there is significant amounts of precipitation, the carpenter ants will come out earlier.

Unfortunately, most people don’t have sufficient knowledge about these scrabbling ants and thus, they used to bring firewood into the house to be burned. But these ants are very canny and didn’t get burned with the wood. They usually crawl out of the wood and create a warmer home for themselves. You will find these kinds of homes inside your house. If you give them opportunities, then these ants are extremely damaging. Because you can’t see them and thus, they will silently damage your home. These ants are one of the most dangerous common pests because they can cause heavy items (back porch) to breakdown due to their deteriorative nature. If you are in love with natural fires, you must keep these ants out of your home.

Pest control tips

Here, we are mentioning some useful pest control tips which will help you in controlling these perilous ants.

  • Keep firewood away from your home: Though you may get tempted to stockpile firewood inside your house to keep your house warmer in the chilly winter season, it may not a great step. If you keep wood propped up against the house, ants can easily enter your house through it. Moreover, they will try to destroy any type of wooden structure that you have attached to your home. If this happened, you need to invest a chunk of money to repair your home and fumigate the carpenter ants.
  • Make sure firewood is dry: carpenter ants prefer to take a bite out of dry wood. In the later stage, they dig into some damp wood that they may even have started to rot. Some people believe that only damp wood smokes when burned, but it may dry on the outside and still, there is damp on the inside. So, you make sure that the firewood is dry completely. Keep a tarp around the wood and should tie it up in the back to prevent these creatures from getting inside your home.
  • Use only local firewood: Don’t carry untreated firewood from one place to another as this can bring insects like carpenter ants along with it. If you stockpile the firewood outdoors, the insects can crawl out from the wood and can start breeding in new areas. If you have wood that is not from a local source, you should burn it as early as possible..

These are some pest control tips that are useful in controlling carpenter ant infestations.

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