Oriental cockroaches are shiny, black-coloured roaches which are often known as water bugs or black beetles. These cockroaches are commonly found in damp locations such as basements and around floor drains. They are closely related to water. They prefer to live outside near foundations, crawlspaces, yards, and retaining walls. They eat filth and decaying things. If you want to get rid of oriental cockroaches outside, you must be in talk with a reputed cockroach control Toronto. But before that, let’s make a detailed analysis regarding what are oriental cockroaches, how do they look, their eating habits, and many more.

What do oriental cockroaches look like?

These cockroaches are not as big as American cockroaches, their average length is one inch. For oriental cockroaches, male and female cockroaches have different look. The male cockroaches are slightly shorter (one inch) with stubbed wings, on the other hand, females are longer and skinnier (1-1/4 inches) but don’t have wings. The colour of both cockroaches is reddish-brown to all black.

Oriental cockroach’s food habit/diet

Oriental cockroaches are commonly found outdoors and in open environments. Though males possess wings, still they can’t fly. Both males and females are omnivores and found in any type of rubbish food scraps and garbage. They love to eat starchy food and builds up nests around garbage cans. Their water sources come through their food and the moisture around them.

Signs of oriental cockroaches

If you have experienced below mentioned signs, then you can sure that oriental cockroaches have infested your home.

  • You may see them in every place
  • You will find egg cases around the house
  • A wet or musty smell

Diseases oriental cockroaches carry

Oriental cockroaches used to eat decayed matter and prefer to live in unsanitary conditions. They are the potential carrier for bacteria over your countertops, plates, and utensils. They can spread E. Coli, salmonella, dysentery, and cause food poisoning. They produce odours that are problematic for people with allergies and asthma. If you have experienced an infestation, take quick action or get in touch with an eminent cockroach terminator Toronto.

How to get rid of oriental cockroaches?

Oriental cockroaches need three prime things (food, water, and harbourage). If you can restrict any of these resources or eliminate them through proper sanitization, the cockroaches either will be forced to leave your place or they will die.

  1. Clean and sanitize your house: The first thing you need to do is to remove them from their favourable environment. Keep your house clean and sanitized. Give special attention to wet areas such as drains, pipes, bathrooms or basements. Remove all the food sources.
  2. Seal all the entry points: Oriental cockroaches usually enter your house or near doorways or through various holes and cracks in the building. Seal all the entry points so that these perilous creatures can’t enter your home.
  3. Take help from professionals: If you can control the infestations by eliminating water and food sources, then you need to consult with a professional pest control Brampton.

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