Mice infestation is not at all a pleasing scenario for any household because this rodent can not only cause health problems but also can cause many emotional problems. These mice can easily invade your garage and make nests in wall insulation. You can easily get rid of these pesky rodents by using lay traps. If the infestation is in an advanced stage, then you might need help from a professional pest control Brampton who will extirpate these mice utterly and will make your garage completely mice-free and healthy.

Identifying Mice

If you have a mouse infestation in your garage, then you will most probably have house mice. House mice are the most common rodent which comes in a variety of colours including brown, tan, black, grey, and white. These creatures have a pointed nose and bright black or pink eyes along with a long and hairless tail. They also have small rounded ears.

Deer mice are the most common house mice which come in either grey or yellowish-brown colour with a white underbelly. These mice possess a short tail and finer hair. These mice usually don’t grow beyond 30 centimetres long.

Signs of a Mouse infestation

If you have an active mouse infestation, then you will certainly notice the below-mentioned signs.

  • You can see a live mouse or droppings (stool, dead giveaways, etc.) here and there in your garage
  • A filthy odour (like urine) in your garage
  • Rodent nests
  • Holes in materials (which were not there earlier)
  • Scurrying or scratching noise

Mice prefer to hide in various containers, crevices, and behind materials. They hardly want to get noticed by anyone. To remove mice from your garage, you need to declutter your garage so that you can easily identify a mouse infestation. If required, you can take help from a professional pest control service who has plenty of experience in rodent control service and  Mice control Toronto.

How can you make your garage mice-free?

Declutter your garage so that mice can’t hide in any box or container. Moreover, decluttering also make the place healthy and cleaner.

Don’t store food items in your garage. Because mice often come to your home or garage in search of food. You should store all food items in an air0tight and hard-plastic container.

You must inspect the perimeter of your garage to ensure that there are no big cracks or crannies through which mice can enter your garage. If necessary, seal all the big openings to prevent a mouse infestation in your garage.


Since garages are warmth and muddy, hence they are popular places for mice. If you want to prevent these mice from entering your home from the garage, then you should use proper treatment methods to control the infestation.

  • Bait live traps: use baits live traps in some particular places inside your garage with some cottage cheese or a lump of peanut butter. Set the traps near a garage wall and keep the bait to the suspected points. Check your traps regularly and dispatch the mice into the fields (far from your home).
  • Use conventional traps: You can also use conventional mousetraps by placing traps under shelves or in corners along with window casings and in the rafters. Check out all the access points and keep these traps near these points. Check your traps daily and remove dead mice as soon as possible.
  • Use mouse repellent: spray mouse repellent in the perimeter of your garage. This actually prevents new infestations. If possible, use ultrasonic mouse repellers inside your garage. Though an ultrasonic mouse repeller is inaudible to humans, still, the sound it produces is very painful to mice. If you place this device into your garage, then mice will not enter the place.
  • Use mouse poison: If you are using mouse or rat poison to control the infestation, then you should be very careful. Because most of the time, these rodents eat poison and go somewhere else to die. Moreover, if you have pets or other animals in your house, then they might eat poison and die gradually.
  • Patch or seal large holes: If you have large openings in your garage, then you should do patching or seal the openings with wood. Seal all the holes which are larger than ¼ inches in diameter.
  • Call a professional: If you are unable to control mice infestations by using traps or repellent, then you need to call a professional to extirpate mice from your garage. These professionals will help you in identifying how the mice are entering your garage and will also help you in finding the best solutions to resolve your issues.

Mice Vs Rats

Like mice, rats are also bothersome rodents which can invade your garage. Rats are bigger in size as compared to mice. Rats usually come in brown or grey colour and sizes are between 5.5 and 7.5 inches. The trapping process of rats is similar to the mice. You can either use a bait live trap or conventional trap to remove rats from your garage.

More considerations

You should consider certain factors while cleaning the garage to prevent a mouse infestation.

  • Use a face mask or cover during the cleaning process. Because unsanitary particles and viruses can get into your nose and throat and cause allergic reactions. So, to protect yourself wear a mask.
  • You need to make sure that air out your garage properly after a chemical treatment.

If you want to utterly destroy mice from your garage, you must get in touch with a professional pest control company like Pestisect Pest Control for its services. The company offers rodent control service, Mice control Toronto and many more. By visiting the website of the company, you can know more about it and its services.