Though mice infestation is a quotidian problem, still, this can be menacing. Because mice can spread several diseases and carry various virus and bacteria including Salmonella. Mice usually prefer to live in places like kitchen, gardens, garages, basements, etc. But if you noticed small mice in your bedroom, this can indicate an advanced infestation. To control an advanced infestation, you should take help from a reputed mice control Toronto. Though you can use some DIY methods or store-bought chemicals, still to curb an advanced infestation, you need help from a professional pest control Brampton.

Properties and habits of mice

Being a member of the rodent family, mice prefer to live in safe and warm places. These animals measure somewhere between 8 and 20cm long (including the tail) and weigh about 19 grams. As omnivores, mice used to eat everything. They love to eat food items like peanut butter, chocolate, pet food, birdseed, and cereal. Mice have very strong and robust teeth that never stop growing. They can easily chew through wood and damage the wiring of your home.

Signs of a mice infestation

If you have noticed any of these below-mentioned things in your bedroom, you must consult with an expert.

  • droppings on the floor,
  • Smear marks on the baseboards
  • scratching or squeaking sounds at night.

How to get rid of mice

Eradicating mice from your bedroom is a daunting task. To overcome a mice infestation, at first, you need to identify where these pesky rodents are coming from.

  • Seal all the gaps: Check all the cracks and crevices of your floor and walls. Mice can enter through tiny holes. So, if you have identified any narrow gap, seal it with silicone caulking, steel wool, or wire mesh.
  • Declutter your bedroom: Try to clean your bedroom as much as possible. Remove clutter and keep everything in proper places. Vacuum thoroughly and wash your fabrics regularly so that there is no food scrap available.
  • Set traps: Place traps along the walls of your bedroom to catch mice and check them regularly.
  • Restrict the food sources: Rodents usually enter your home in search of food and water. If you restrict these sources, you can control an infestation. Always store food items in sealed containers.

After finishing in the bedroom, it is always advisable to continue mouse-proofing the rest of the house. This will ensure that no more mice return to your house.

Chemicals to use in controlling mice infestation

The markets are crammed with many poisonous chemicals that will help you to get rid of mice infestation. But you need to use these chemicals prudently as they will not only kill mice but also sometimes your pets can get infected or killed. Some types of mice may survive several hours after consuming these chemicals or used to die somewhere else. If you get an unpleasant smell, then only you can discover that there is a rat carcass. Certain ways will help you to remove mice from your bedroom effectively.


Camphor is an effective mice repellent. You can get camphor from online or local shops. Just place a few camphor in places where mice used to come very often.


Prepare a mixture by using two spoons of detergent, a quarter cup of water and two cups of ammonia. Keep this liquid mixture in places where mice come often. This mixture is an effective mice repellent, but need to bear with the unpleasant odour of your room.

Peppermint Oil

Peppermint oil or castor oil or lemongrass oil can be used to control a mice infestation. Because mice can’t stand the powerful odour. You just need to dip some cotton balls in peppermint oil and place them in a mice-prone area.

The above article gave you an idea about how can you control and extirpate mice infestation.

But if you are unable to eliminate a mice problem yourself, you should hire professionals who can efficiently manage this thing. Pestisect pest control has an excellent market reputation and it is a professional mice control Toronto. The staff of the company knows how to deal with a mice problem and how to make your bedroom mice-free. You can send an enquiry to the company if you are suffering from a mice problem in your home particularly in your bedroom area.