The kitchen is the most favourite places for cockroaches because this place has plenty of resources for food and water. Once cockroaches infest your kitchen, it’s a very tiresome job to kick out them from this place. Since they carry disease-spreading bacteria, hence they can infect and poison your food. These may cause many detrimental effects on your health. Here, we are going to mention how can you get rid of cockroaches from your kitchen. If the infestation is on an advanced level, you should consult with a professional cockroach control Toronto.

Know your cockroaches

The German cockroach is the most common species which invade your kitchen in Toronto. They have the glossy, brown and beetle-like body. These German cockroaches have flightless wings and can grow up to 16mm in length. German cockroaches move from one place to another in search of food, warmth, and moisture.

Methods of removal and exclusion

Follow the below-mentioned methods for removal and exclusion of cockroaches from your kitchen.

  • Wash dishes immediately: Properly wash your dishes immediately after your dinner or breakfast. Don’t keep them sit even for a few moments in the sink. You should dry them thoroughly so that no water particle is left. Moisture left on your clean dishes easily attracts cockroaches in your kitchen who used to come in search of water and food.
  • Clean up pet food bowls: Are you a pet lover and having pets in your home? If yes, then feed them in the particular time of the day. When they finish, immediately remove the bowls from the floor. Just throw away all the remaining food and water in the trash and wash and dry the bowls as soon as possible.
  • Place food in containers: Keep any open package of food in tightly sealed containers. Cockroaches eat food scraps and they love sweets more than anything. So, if you left an open packet of cake or cookies, you are unknowingly welcoming cockroaches to enter your home and kitchen.
  • Clean all surfaces: Once you finished preparing food and eating, make sure you wipe down all surfaces thoroughly. Don’t forget to remove possible foods, liquids, and grease and place them in the dustbin. Always clean your counters, stove, and oven. Even possible clean the inside of your microwave every day so that cockroaches can’t enter.
  • Sweep and vacuum: if you are living in an apartment or house, try to sweep and vacuum your floors every single day to extirpate any possible stray crumbs that may fall unknowingly on the floor. Even the tiny and smallest crumb can attract cockroaches to enter your home.
  • Dry up moisture: Don’t forget to wipe out your kitchen sink after using it. Because any remaining moisture in the sink will offer cockroaches their much-needed water which they are looking for. Also, ensure that there is no leakage under your sink. If there is any leak, repair it immediately.

These are some tips which you need to follow to remove cockroaches from your kitchen.

When to call a professional

If you have too much cockroach infestations at your kitchen, then you need to consult with a professional pest control brampton services. Cockroaches are very clever and they can hide easily. They are even resistant to some pesticides which are sold in stores. Only a professional technician can know how to find and kill cockroaches from your kitchen. Moreover, they have all the required tools which will help them to reach effectively. Before the technician arrives, you should empty all the cabinets in your kitchen. Because this will give technicians as much as access to the kitchen.

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