Ant infestation in gardens is not a new thing and one of the biggest mistakes many of us do is ignoring them. Carpenter ants nesting in or around the trees are the telltale sign of bigger problems which if not controlled timely can cause serious issues. Carpenter ants like trees because the trunks are damp moist woods, specially the older ones. If you fail to call for ant exterminator Toronto, they can even dig up the entire wood of the tree and eventually make it fall. This is why, you must get in touch with the Pest control Brampton and make your garden and home ant-free at the earliest.

What actually happens

Carpenter ants do not consume the tree, which is the most common myth; instead, it is the work of the termites. They only create tunnels which helps to make their way easy from one place to another. If a colony of carpenter ant starts going up the bark, they will dig massive tunnels throughout and sooner than you realize, there will be withering of the leaves and fall of the tree.

Signs of Infestation

Seeing lines of ants might not be the biggest cause of worry but if you notice a bunch of live ants living on the base of the tree, chances are that they are going to infest it or have already done it. Understand that you will not be able to see the nest from the outside but sometimes the only thing visible will be the opening of the nest itself. This is when you must get in touch with professionals for clearing off the colony.

How to get rid of them

Peppermint Oil

Mix about 30 drops of peppermint oil in a gallon of water and create an even solution. This is one of the best ways to get rid of the carpenter ants. Spray this solution all over the trees especially in the bases where the infestation is most likely to exist. But this is not a onetime application and you need to do it regularly at least for a couple of weeks to see result.


When you have to clean carpenter ant infestation, you have to target the exact area of the nest. This is because the nest has one wingless ant queen and thousands of winged workers. The best results can be found when you can locate the opening area of the nest and can spray the insecticide directly into it. But the truth is, it is not possible to usually find the opening unless it is dug. Choose a heavy-grade insecticide and use a big-mouthed spray to cover as much area as possible.


In cases where you cannot find the origin of the line of ants, the best way is to use ant baits. Although the primary colony is built inside the nest, there will be some satellite colonies which you can trace. Place bait such as sugar or protein-rich foods because that will attract the workers to collect it and give it to the queen or to their larvae and you can spot the primary one. This is when you can use boric acid to kill the ants instantly.

Take professional help

The best and the most effective option is to get the help of professionals who can remove the entire infestation. These guys are professionals and will be able to take a close look around to find out the exact location of the primary and satellite colonies.