If you have seen the bee movie, you must be knowing that different varieties of bees are quite beneficial to nature and man. Honeybee, the most famous of them all is known for producing honey and pollinate flowers and fruit trees. However, when it comes to their distant cousin wasps, things are quite different. Wasps are scavengers and predators and they can attack you for the crime of simply walking by their nests, that too unknowingly. In Toronto, it is quite common to find wasp nests around the houses.

Wasps are dangerous for the residents, especially children and pets. In some cases, their sting may prove to be fatal. That is why, if you spot wasp nests in your premises, you should immediately call wasp nest removal Toronto. However, our experience in the field of pestisect pest control brampton services tells us that every client tries to remove the wasp nest naturally before asking for professional help.

The problem is most people try to use pesticides available in the market without knowing the safe way to use it. If the pets in your home try to eat the dead wasps that were poisoned, your pets can be poisoned too. It may pose a great risk to the wellbeing of your family members, especially kids. Professionals use good quality pesticides and that too vigilantly. It is extremely safe for you and your family. However, if you wish to remove wasp nests on your own, there are some tips that can help you do it.

Identify them:

Before trying to remove the wasp nest without professional help, it is essential for you to understand which type of wasps you are dealing with. Each species has a different behavioural pattern. Some are aggressive while some prefer to cohabit peacefully. So, if you are dealing with an aggressive species of wasp, you should be well prepared for what is coming. Try to figure out that the creatures in your yard are honey bees, yellow jacket, hornets, paper wasps or cicada killers.

Use natural insecticide spray:

You should steer away from using poisoned pesticides. You should rather use organic wasp and hornet killers. There are natural insecticides available in the market that use food-grade ingredients like peppermint oil for killing wasps. Read the instructions thoroughly before using them. Their smell is quite strong like essential oils but it is one of the best ways to remove the wasp nest naturally.  


Soap for killing wasps? Must be your first reaction after reading this. Yes, soap can prove to be quite effective for killing wasps. You ¼ cup of dishwashing liquid in a hose-end sprayer. Let the water pass through it with great force. Stay as far as possible from the wasp nest and spray the water. It is advisable to try this out during the evening or night since wasps return to their abode during that time. You will be able to kill most of the wasps. Do not forget to wear long pants and sleeves. It will save you from wasp stings.

Aerial Nest:

This is a bit risky way of getting rid of a wasp nest, but if you are confident enough, you can give it a try. Cover the entire nest with a cloth bag and tie it off quickly at the top. Pull the nest free as you draw in the tie. Ensure that the bag is sealed properly. Directly set the bag in a pail of water. To make sure that the bag is fully submerged, drop a rock on the bag. This method is effective when the nest is hanging. If it is built against the wall or underground then this method will not work.

False nests:

It is possible to trick the wasps. You can try hanging a false wasp nest by your house. Use paper lanterns or similar-looking things that may look like a real nest. This method does not guarantee success but most of the time they work because wasps are very territorial in nature. They do not prefer to build a nest next to another nest. In some cases, simply hanging a brown paper bag works wonder, too.


Have you tried glass wasp traps already? These are the most common wasp nest removal methods people try. They greatly help in reducing wasp populations in the area. However, it is important to keep replacing the bait. For that, you have to find out who exactly your ‘enemy’ is. Different wasps get attracted to different food. Some people believe that the mixture of beer and water is the best bait for wasps. Some also recommend using sugar water and apple cider vinegar mixture. So, after identifying them, you can place the bait in a glass or a plastic bottle and trap them.

The simplest way:

If the nest is small, you can knock it down using a broom. Do this during the daytime when the wasps are away from the nest. It will not be difficult to remove empty nests. You can relocate the nest. Do it during the night when the wasps are sleeping. You can place a container over the nest and cover it with a lid. Use a plastic bag and cardboard if required.

There are many ways of removing wasp nests naturally but they all are dangerous to some extent. It is, therefore, advisable to call a wasp nest removal Toronto to get rid of it safely.