The presence of mice in your house is a very common incidence these days. Mice carry several diseases including Salmonella, Lepto Spirosis, E-coli, Lyme disease and even the harmful Rabies. So, you must take all the necessary steps to prevent a mice infestation in and around your house. Mice can tear up soft materials with their strong teeth. They even urinate and excrete wherever they go. Since mice carry perilous diseases, you should clean up all the surfaces or furniture that have been dirtied and stained by mice. If required you can take help from a mice exterminator Toronto in this regard.

How do you clean mouse infested furniture?

To clean up the mess from your infested furniture, at first, you should wear a mask and a pair of gloves. Then, spray disinfectant if you find any faeces or stains. You may use a household disinfectant or a store-bought bleach solution. You can even prepare a bleach solution by mixing liquids. Once the disinfectant sits for a few minutes, you should wipe off the droppings with a disposable paper towel. If you doubt how to remove strain from your upholstery, try spraying an unobtrusive area first. Now, use upholstery shampoo or steam cleaner to clean the furniture’s fabric. Wash all removed items with laundry detergent and warm water.

Clean all the walls and infected areas

clean mouse infected areas

After cleaning your furniture, now, you need to clean all areas that have been contaminated with faeces or urine. You need to spray disinfectant on these areas also. Just put on a mask and gloves, and then, spray all dirtied surfaces and their surrounding areas with disinfectant. Clean these areas in the same way like you did to remove faeces from upholstery. If you have experienced any nest or a deceased mouse, spray them with disinfectant. Then, put them in a bag and throw them out from your house.

By using a disinfectant, wipe all nearby floors. Once you have finished cleaning, don’t forget to throw out your gloves along with all the wipes or brushes that you have used to clean. Never use a vacuum cleaner to clean up after mice. Because this can enhance the risk of dangerous pathogens airborne.

To get rid of the mice, clean the house from top to bottom, first. Declutter your house as much as you can and vacuum thoroughly. Store all food and grocery items in tightly sealed containers. You also need to closely monitor the walls of your home to identify the entry points. Mice can easily crawl under doors and squeeze through gaps in the foundation or vinyl siding. Dryer vents and other wall ventilation can also be considered as entry points. You should seal these entrances immediately with silicone caulking, steel wool, or wire mesh. Finally, place bait traps along the walls of infested rooms and monitor them regularly.

How to clean mouse dropping

Mouse droppings and debris should be cautiously picked up with robust non-absorbent gloves. It is also recommended that clothing used during cleaning should be thrown away as soon as possible.

Never sweep or vacuum mouse droppings, as these cleaning methods may release more airborne virus particles. You should immediately discard towels or clothes that come into contact with faeces or the surfaces of infested items. Dispose of your gloves properly and wash your hands with disinfectants after the cleaning process.

Cleaning up after mice can be annoying, but it is a possible task. You can clean and save your upholstery that is contaminated with a mice infestation. If you are feeling this cleaning task a daunting job, you can take help from professional companies who will guide you in the cleaning process.

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