Wasps are one of the most common pests in a house apart from rodents, ants, bedbugs, termites, and so forth. It is wise for you to connect and work with a professional Wasp Exterminator if you spot their nest in the property.

Professional Bee & Wasp Pest Control company will know how to handle this dangerous animal. Unless you know the work, you shouldn’t do Wasp & Bee Nest Removal as it can be dangerous. 

Learning about this insect is quite crucial as many people do not understand that they are dangerous. They do not know how to prevent and eradicate them. Here is a small guide that will help you in this process if you encounter them.

Different Species of Wasps

There are different types of wasp species in the world today. Not all of the species are social. Some wasps like to live alone. Those wasps that live together make a nest and organize a colony. Female workers take care of the work in the colony. 

Thousands of workers live in a single colony. The queen, on the other hand, gives birth to numerous eggs or larvae to increase the size of their nest. 

On the other hand, those wasps that live alone do not depend on a colony to sustain their life. It is interesting to note that the eggs of a solitary wasp hatch on its own without the need for any intervention, unlike the eggs of a social wasp. 

Some species of wasps attack their aggressors multiple times when they suspect danger while other wasps do not like to get in contact with a person. But when you spot a wasp, irrespective of their species, you should plan on taking the help of a professional  Bee & Wasp Pest Control Service Provider. They will have the knowledge, resources, and tools that are necessary to handle them. 

Wasps and Their Food

There are two kinds of wasps on the earth — predatory one and a parasitic one. The predatory ones usually target small insects and consume them to sustain themselves. While the parasitic ones lay their eggs on the bodies of other insects. The larvae then feed on its host until the time they can manage to tear themselves from it. 

But, they do not eat just caterpillars, and other insects, they also feed on the nectar. They are also responsible for pollinating the gardens. The good part of having wasps on the earth is that they help in controlling the population of the other insects. 

Now, this is one of the key reasons why require them on our planet. It is the main reason why experts consider them as biological control agents. People use them extensively in greenhouses and farms for this reason. 

They, however, can be a nuisance if they set their nest in your property. It is wise to use a professional Wasp & Bee Nest Removal to eliminate them from your place. 

Understanding the Breeding Cycles

The queen is responsible for producing unfertilized eggs that hatch during the summer. Female wasps that fertilize soon become a queen in the following year. They look for a space that is warm and secure during the time of winter. It is only in the spring that the queen lays the eggs. These eggs will bring forth the worker bees that will eventually be responsible for building the nest. 

The best time of the year to eradicate the wasps, therefore, is during the winter or the wet seasons. Now, this is the time the colony is going to be vulnerable. It is going to be difficult to eliminate them once this season is over. 

Contact the best Wasp & Bee Exterminator in the city if you did notice the movement of the wasp in your property or the garage. A professional company will do the best job when it comes to removing these pests from your property. Do not even try to touch the nest of a wasp if you do not know anything about them. Their sting can be quite painful, and when more than one wasp stings, you are going to experience hell. Use a professional pest control company instead so that you can relax.