Carpenter ants are the most common ant species in the world and their infestations can cause huge damage to your home structure. Though there are striking differences between the carpenter ants and the common black ants, still, many homeowners often confuse these two ants. If you identify the specific type, you can opt for the effective pest control Brampton.

Identifying carpenter ant vs black ant

As the name suggests, the black ants are only black. On the other hand, carpenter ant can vary in color between black, red, maroon, brown or sometimes the combination of these colors.

The carpenter ant is also suggestively larger than the common black ant. The carpenter ant is almost 3 times larger than the black ant. For perception, the queen in a common black ant colony measures at about 10 mm while a typical carpenter ant worker easily reaches 12 mm. in general, the queen is the largest and major ant in the colony while a worker ant is the smallest.

The carpenter ant possesses a heart-shaped head. This is a unique feature of this type of ant. The head has elbowed antennas and large jaws. Moreover, the workers of carpenter ants have rounded thorax while the common black ant thorax is unequally shaped. The petiole (the part that joins the abdomen and thorax) has a single segment on the carpenter ant while the common black ant may have two.

Reproductive carpenter ants have two sets of wings. the back wings are shorter than the front ones. But this is not the same for the black ants. Carpenter ants do not have stingers.

Finally, the habitat is a major which helps you to identify whether you are dealing with carpenter ants or black ants. Black ants don’t create nests indoors. They used to come into the house to forage for food. If you see a procession of ants going in and out of your home, they are most probably common black ants. On the other hand, carpenter ants used to create nests indoors especially in wood. If you have experienced a colony of ants nesting in the house, then you are dealing with carpenter ants.

How to get rid of carpenter ants

The best way to control carpenter ants is to hire a professional carpenter ant control Toronto. These ants are resistant to over-the-counter chemicals.

Carpenter ants are a great annoyance for their habit of ‘Budding’ or ‘Satelliting’. Carpenter ants may have multiple queens in a colony. But black ants only have one queen in a single colony. Budding happens when a queen leaves the nest with a few workers and eggs and goes to form a separate colony. This splitting usually occurs when a colony is disturbed such as by unsuccessful annihilation. An unsuccessful DIY attempt can make your ant problem worse because you are dealing with multiple colonies.

How to get rid of black ants

If you are dealing with black ants, you can control them by using some over-the-counter chemicals. But you should consult with a professional pest control company that will help you in combating various species of ants.

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