Mice and rats look so similar that most people cannot even spot a difference between them. Both belong to rodent species. However, you will be surprised to know that they cannot stand each other. It is quite unlikely to have a presence of both mouse and rat in your house. So, if you are planning to call mice exterminator Toronto for getting rid of mice infestation, ensure that the pesky creature moving around in your home is a mouse and not rat. However, pest control brampton service experts can help you differentiate between these two species of rodents.

Mice and rats are very different in nature. That is why it becomes difficult for them to cohabitate peacefully with each other. Whenever they confront each other, they fight. Rats are very territorial. They do not like mice invading in their territory. Being larger, generally, rats win the battle and mice lose lives. Not only this, but rats are also spotted eating mice several times. Sometimes mice are also found eating small baby rats if they get an opportunity. Strangely, two pests belonging to the same species prefer eating each other. Experts call this predatory behaviour muricide.

Rats are extremely possessive about their territory. Their survival instinct is so strong that they can eat anything including mice. Sometimes when mice and rats exist in the same house, their chief competition is for the food source. If it is in ample quantity, then they may amicably coexist until and unless they cross each other’s territory. However, this can hardly be seen.

Many people believe that mice and rat breed and interact with each other. This is a misconception. Though they look similar, they belong to different species of rodents. Just like hamsters or squirrels do not breed with rats or mice, rats and mice do not mate with each other. Mouse and rat infestations have different signs. Mice infestation is more common than rat infestation. Mice generally prefer to chew paper, cardboard, cables, wires and electrical appliances. Rats hardly invade in the home. They like to build their nest in open garage doors, foundational gaps, crevices. Sometimes they enter through the vents as well. Another indication is the shape of their faeces. Mice leave faeces of the size of a rice grain while faeces of rats are more like capsules in shape. Mice can spread up to 35 different viruses through their urine and faeces.

The population of mice and rats grows quite rapidly once they settle down in your house and find food and water sources around. If this happens, you will see them crossing paths and fighting for food. In this fight, rats mostly win due to their bigger size. However, both these home pests choose to live in a very different environment. Rats like to stay outside more while mice are mostly spotted inside of the home.

It is dangerous to have rats and mice in or around your house since they are carriers of dangerous diseases such as plague, hantavirus, rotavirus. That is why, if you spot any signs of rodent infestation, you should ask for help from the professional pest control brampton services. Experts firstly find their nests and entry points in your house, block the entry points and then start the treatment to eradicate them. This further ensures that there is no infestation in the future as well. To say the least, one should never take their presence lightly and take timely and necessary steps to eliminate them completely from the property.