Do it your own pest control for limited period of time. If you don’t see much improvement hire the exterminator, Bedbugs are rapidly get more immune with pesticides. Do not wait for months to get professional treatment done by Pestisect professional Exterminator.

Before getting the pest control treatment, many people they live with bed bugs for a period of time. When they schedule Bedbugs treatment many people expect overnight results after the treatment. After Spray treatment bedbugs start slowing down and in few weeks it will be gone.

What to expect after bed bugs treatment?

Wait for few weeks as per Exterminator’s guidance
Do not unpack all laundered cloths, unpack what is necessary

How many bed bugs you will see after the treatment?

You should expect to see more bedbugs after the first spray treatment. By the time of being follow-up treatment it will start decreasing. Ask exterminator to get estimate time to get proper results, but this thing does not apply to heat treatments. Heat treatment kills bedbugs in few hours but is an expensive treatment.

[show_more more=”Read More” less=”Read Less”] When you can return to Home after the Bed Bugs Spray treatment?

It can be detrimental to your health if you return home early after the spray treatment. The exterminator knows the volume and concentration he used to control infestation so he always have protecting equipment’s to safe guard his health. It needs some time to settle down pesticide to the spray areas. Pestisect Exterminator always guide you when to return home after spray treatment.

When to clean or Vacuum after the Bed bugs treatment?

Do not vacuum or clean the surface immediately after the treatment as it needs to stay pesticide to infested areas. So do not vacuum or clean straight away.

Can you sleep in your bed after the bed bugs treatment?

There are many reasons why you should? It always encourages bedbugs to come out from their hiding places to get your blood. The residual chemical have effects for weeks so it will touch the chemical. That is what it helps actually after the treatment.

How to prevent Bedbugs infestation in future?

This is a very crucial question to prevent bedbugs infestation for future prevention. This steps will identify and prevent future bedbugs infestations by talking much precaution by identify the areas where the bedbugs came from?

  • Is it from friends place, family, work or some amusement, travelling places etc?
  • Regularly launder your cloths specially outside (specially use Plastic bags or zippers bag)
  • Fill out visible creaks and crevices if you live in apartment building or condos.
  • Install professionally installed insect monitors around beds and furniture in hidden places

Pestisect Pest Control Exterminator will clarify and guide you about each and every steps what needs to be done before and after the Bed bugs treatment.