Neither a bee nor an ant, wasps are those pesky creatures that will irritate you with their buzz and presence to an extent that you lose patience. Distant cousins of both bees and ants, wasps can find their way into homes through rooftops, windowsills, and doorways, very much like uninvited guests. Come summer and many Toronto houses will have huge wasp nests hanging inside or near their homes. Wasps are aggressive in nature and sometimes just for the crime of walking by their nest, they can reward you with a venomous sting. There are plenty of reasons why you must not tolerate their presence at your premises. It can be a dangerous adventure to remove wasp nests on your own, given that dozens of wasps can attack you at the same time for trying to disturb their colony. It is advisable to seek professional help from wasp nest removal Toronto to get rid of them.

Types of Wasps:

Surprisingly, there are two types of wasps- social and solitary. Social wasps like to live in hives. Solitary wasps, on the other hand, are parasitic. Social wasps are far more dangerous than solitary wasps. They work in a team and build large nests. Both types of wasps are more active during the months of summer. With the arrival of spring, they silently start their work of building nests. The nest is so small in the beginning that it can easily go unnoticed. Just a few months later when summer arrives, the nest grows huge enough to frighten you.

Are Wasps Found in Toronto Dangerous?

Various types of wasps including hornets and yellow jackets are widely seen in Toronto. Mostly, the species of wasps found in Toronto are not dangerous. They like to be busy with their own work until and unless their nest is disturbed. But some species of wasps like bald-faced hornets and yellow jackets can sometimes get aggressive even without prompting. It is observed in several cases that they attack even without being provoked. Their sting is painful and hazardous. Are these not reasons enough powerful for you to take prompt action when you spot a wasp nest around your house? You should immediately call pestisect pest control brampton the moment you see a wasp nest growing. There are six major reasons why you should not tolerate wasps’ presence in your property.

1. They Irritate You:

Imagine a situation. You are sitting in your backyard, relaxing. Suddenly, you hear a buzz that gets louder and then in a minute or two, dozens of wasps are flying around you, like threatening to harm you for the crime of using your own space. Even imagining this is scary and annoying. Let them not invade your personal space and spoil the moments of relaxation. Get rid of them as early as possible.

2. Their Sting is Venomous:

Wasps stings scare everyone. Whenever you see a wasp around you, the first thought that crosses your mind is their sting. Wasps stings are venomous. With every sting, they inject a small amount of venom in your body. They are observed to sting repeatedly which simply means more venom in your body. If you are fortunate enough not to be allergic to their stings, you will just experience itching, swelling and a little pain. But wasp sting can prove to be life-threatening for people who are allergic. Wasp venom can trigger severe swelling and anaphylaxis. This can be fatal in some cases. If wasp stings you and you do not have any severe reaction, it does not mean that wasps stings won’t hurt you in future. There are possibilities that the next sting might cause severe allergic reactions. So, prevention is better than cure. If you don’t want to waste hours nursing your wound with an ice pack, call pestisect pest control brampton services to get rid of the wasps right away.

3. They can attack kids and pets:

Being very territorial in nature, wasps don’t like anybody stepping into their own territory. If you just walk by their nest, there are chances they will attack you assuming that you are a threat to their nest. Wasps are social creatures and like to live in packs. Brace yourself if they attack in groups. It can lead to serious injury and allergic reaction. Especially if you have kids or pets in your house, you should never take the risk of having a wasp nest around. While stinging, they release pheromone. This can trigger aggressive behaviour in other wasps. This means that a larger pack of wasp can attack you after the first sting. Dogs generally like to play around the house. Unknowingly if they step into wasps’ territory, they can attack your pet. It can trigger the same reaction in pets like swelling. In some cases, it may lead to your pet’s death.  If you want to avoid an expensive vet bill, you better call wasp nest removal Toronto to exterminate these pesky creatures from your property.

4. They can harm your property:

They pose a great risk to your health since they build their nest in attics, decks and windows. It simply means that you don’t have access to some areas of your own home, dare you step near their nests. Sometimes while building the nest, they get inside walls where they can create rot. So, not only in the backyard or outside of your home, you are at risk of wasp sting even in your drawing room. They are no less harmful than termites when it comes to damaging wooden furniture. Their nest is made of wood shavings, which means your expensive furniture becomes a raw material for them to build a nest. In addition to that, empty wasp nests attract other scavengers. So if you want to avoid a major expenditure of home repair, timely call pest control service before the situation slips out of hand.

5. The value of your property can go down:

You must have never thought of wasp infestation from this angle, but it is true. Their impact is far beyond physical damage to your property and they can literally devalue it. Just imagine, you want to sell your home and when the prospective buyer comes to see the property, wasps are flying over your head. Convincing the buyer will be a lot more difficult then. It is better to spend some money on a wasp exterminator than devaluing your entire property.

As mentioned above, wasps create a lot of mess in and around the house. When they leave their nest, scavengers take over it. So, some more headache for you. There are many strong reasons why you should not let wasps invade your house. The moment these unwanted guests arrive, you should ensure you show them the gate right away.