Bed bugs are one of the most difficult pests to eradicate. A lot of people think that they are not going to get an infestation because they live in clean homes. They think it only affects unclean houses. But this is not true as you can also find them in clean places. They are one of the toughest pests as they are hard to exterminate. You need the assistance of a bed bug removal company. They can live with ease not only in humid environments but also in cold places. 

Here are some questions that people usually struggle with when it comes to bed bugs and here are the responses for your reference:

Q1: How do bed bugs come inside your home?

Bed bugs are nothing but parasitic insects. They can travel from one place to another with ease by sticking to clothes, furniture, and humans. On top of it, they can breed and multiply within no time. Once they reach a particular place, it takes a few weeks before you find them everywhere. 

Bed bugs might come from second-hand furniture, as well as clothing when you do not notice. They might also come along with the guests that come to your home with their luggage. Even if you are a frequent traveller, you might also bring them along with you to their house. 

Q2: What kind of diseases do bed bugs bring along with them?

Now, this is one question that a lot of people worry about once they see bed bugs in their home. A lot of people did so much study on this aspect. But, luckily, the scientists that did carry out these researches found that the bed bugs do not transmit any diseases. They also do not carry a disease from one person to another. 

But, when the bed bugs bite, they can cause red rashes on the body. Apart from that, people might encounter psychological problems. For example, people might not get sound sleep or might feel a little hesitant to go to bed or sleep. 

People might also feel like the bugs are crawling over their bodies. Now, this is the main reason why you should plan on using the services of a bed bug removal company. 

Q3: What is the treatment that I can use for bed bug bites?

These are the steps that you should plan on following when you notice bed bug bites on your body:

  • Firstly, wash the area where there is a bite using soap and water. 
  • After this, you should plan on making a fine paste of baking soda and water and then apply it to the areas where there is a bite. Allow it dry for almost an hour. Wash it off after that. 
  • If you have itchiness, you should plan on using lemon juice to manage it. 
  • You should plan on taking antihistamines(oral) if you have any allergic reactions. 

 Q4: How can I identify if there is a bed bug infestation in a house?

If you suspect that bed bugs are in your house, you need to do thorough research by checking the edges of the mattress, pillows, and the furniture in your bedroom. If there are any cracks on the wall or wallpapers, you should plan on checking in them or behind the wallpapers. 

These bugs are nocturnal, and you might not find them during the daytime. But, these bugs are very active during the nights. Hence, you need to check the mattress, furniture, and pillows during the night. Here are some things that should send you an alarm:

  • Adult Bed Bugs
  • Bed bug bites
  • Shedding of the skin and
  • Droppings

Q5: How Can I Eliminate the Bed Bugs?

Since these are one of the toughest pests, you should plan on using the services of a bed bug pest control company. They will have the right knowledge, resources, and expertise to eradicate them within no time. 

While there are some home remedies, they are not that effective as you might end up doing so much work such as washing the clothes, bedsheets, and vacuuming them before washing to suck the eggs. Spray peppermint and lavender oil in areas of infestation till the bed bugs disappear.