One night you just turn on lights in the kitchen and you see cockroaches roaming on your platform. Gruesome, right? Just as you switch off the lights, you have uninvited pesky guests taking control of your home, roaming around and contaminating things without you knowing it- until the day their population grows to an extent that you have no other option but to eliminate them completely from your home. Anyone with the cockroach infestation problem can relate to this situation. 

Being nocturnal insects, cockroaches prefer to live and feed in the dark. This makes it almost impossible to trace them during the day. They can hide and breed in dark, moist places. Refrigerators, sinks, stoves, floor drains and motors of major appliances are their preferred places for living. They are so flexible that they can fit into narrow areas like a wall crack by flattening their bodies. You can find them everywhere- under the rubber mats, behind wallpaper and even within wall cracks. As soon as you spot signs of infestation, you should approach cockroach exterminator Toronto for timely control measures. During the initial phase of infestation, you can try to eliminate them on your own.

1. Boric Acid:

Many experts suggest using boric acid for eliminating cockroaches. It is indeed an effective remedy. The only problem is that it gets diluted when it comes in contact with water, losing its effect. This makes it difficult to prepare an effective boric acid mix at home. If not mixed properly, it may not have any effect at all. Therefore, it is wise to call cockroach exterminator Toronto to make sure that your home is free from cockroaches.

2. Bait Traps:

There are gel bait traps available in the market which are said to effectively reduce roach population. Again, the effectiveness of this method depends on the brand of traps you are using. Also, sometimes it is very difficult to identify colonies of cockroaches at home. There are higher chances that many places may go unnoticed and even after trying hard, you may not be able to eliminate cockroaches on your home. In such a situation, you can approach a competent pest control brampton services to exterminate cockroaches from your property. 

3. Block entry Points:

It is not just enough to eliminate the cockroaches you see. It is more important to block their entry point to get rid of them completely. If you can spot their colony inside walls or at any other places in your house, you can use glue strips to block their entry. Many people use caulk to close gaps so that the infestation can be prevented. You can use flashlights to identify their entry points.

4. Fix the water leakage:

Cockroaches love to reside in places that are dark and moist. Water leakage, therefore, attracts roaches. To exterminate them completely from your property, it is important for you to repair the leakage and moisture from the crawl places of cockroaches. To keep the areas dry, you can improve ventilation.

There are DIY tips to get rid of cockroaches. However, it is always wise to approach a professional pest control service to eliminate them from your property. Cockroaches are expert at hiding. Simple home remedies and store-bought solutions or traps will not be enough to eliminate them completely. The number of cockroaches you are not exposed to may be much higher than what you are exposed to. Cockroach exterminators are trained at identifying hidden colonies of cockroaches, even behind the walls. With their experience and expertise, they can seal every vulnerable point through which cockroaches can enter the home. Don’t wait for the infestation to go out of your hand, call the exterminator as soon as you spot the first signs of roaches in your home.